WIW- Post weekend away


Highest weight: 250

Starting weight: 211

Last week: 202.4

This week: 204.8 (+2.4 pounds)

Total Loss: 6.2 pounds

I went away for the weekend to Strasbourg, strolled, ate, went to museums, ate, drank glasses of wine, ate.. So this result is not exactly surprising. -_-

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Happy Weigh in Wednesday to you all!

Highest weight: 250+ pounds

Starting weight: 212 pounds

Last week: 204.8

This week 202.4 (-2.4 pounds)

Total Loss: 9.6 pounds.

I’ll be off skipping through dales of flowers and clover. Ciao

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You know that feeling

when you cave and eat some chocolate, or a cookie, or pick fries off a friend’s plate at lunch and then that evening you can’t stop thinking about it?

"Why did I do it?"

"Why am I sabotaging myself?"

"I’m going to be a fatty forever." 

Let’s stop that. 

That’s the kind of thinking that is destroying our healthy eating habits. It makes eating healthy into a chore, a task, a source of guilt, confusion and sadness. I’m trying really hard to instead focus on the good things, congratulate myself. 

"You took only one cookie instead of five."

"You’re trying your best."

"At least you didn’t order fries."

"Well done Finola on that healthy choice."

I’m not talking about making excuses, that gets you nowhere, but i’m talking about celebrating your successes, even the small ones, and making healthy eating a positive, enjoyable experience. You’re doing a good thing, you’re showing your body respect.

Healthy eating is the epitome of a “treat”. 

It’s treating yourself yourself with esteem. 

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Also. This is the only recent body shot I have of myself. Needless to say flattering angle etc. but that’s me at 211 (with my mama!!)

Also. This is the only recent body shot I have of myself. Needless to say flattering angle etc. but that’s me at 211 (with my mama!!)

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I’ve lost a piece of my nightly cookie in my tea. Worst.

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Well well

Hi there tubmlr. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, this fatty is still a fatty. In fact I gained quite a bit over the last few months, (went all the way back up to 211, my-oh-my) but I’ve been back on the path of health and that’s sent me scuttling back here. I’m back down to 204, and feeling fine about it, falling back into good habits, doing it as I always have; portion control and balanced meals. 

But the thing is, what I really want to talk about, is just how easy it is to slip back. I maintained my 60 pound loss for 3 years. 3 years. Without even thinking about it. I went up 5 pounds, went down 5 pounds, but stayed steadily around 185/190 for 3 years. Then suddenly a few months ago I went up, and up, and up, until suddenly I was eating the way I used to. Mindlessly, without thought or care, whenever and whatever I wanted. 

I stopped caring. I could blame it on a number of things. I was in an unhealthy relationship. I was trying to figure out if I want to switch careers. I was wondering if I should leave Paris. But I’ve been more stressed, and reacted similarly, but not to such extremes. 

It is terrifying how easy it is to just stop caring for yourself, to switch off. But anyway, I’ve reeled it back in, I think about what I eat again, I enjoy it, I will be fine, I will fit back into my skinny jeans in a month or two. But it was deeply unpleasant to revert back, to feel rolls where I hadn’t had rolls in years, to have to put away trusty blouses because they now hug my hips uncomfortably. I wish I had the magic answer, but I don’t think there is one. I’ll try and come back to blogging. I miss you guys. 

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I’ve made a positive decision

to start eating at home for lunch. 

It’s going to cut my lunch break very tight, but it’ll leave me 100 percent in charge of my own choices and with a fighting shot at reigning back in my eating decisions. 

Here we go. 

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Anonymous said: Just stumbled across your tumblr looking for some inspiration for my missus who is similarly challenged but is probably around your start weight. Have to say kid, you look fantastic, so much better than before. Keep at it.

Hello kind anon. This message inspired me to open up this blog again, so thank you. 


Yesterday was an awful eating day. All the bread and cheese in the world and then I snacked a crazy amount all afternoon. 

Le sigh. 

It shall be a good Friday. I will try my hardest.